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I will donate 15% of “Employment Rage” royalties to the:

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Only the Remarkable Need Apply

This is a clip of the great Seth Godin on product marketing. It is well worth your time because his thoughts are transferable to the job seeker as well.
When you seek employment, you are the product. As such, being just good or adequate is not enough. You must be remarkable.

Listen to this clip and see how many ideas you can utilize in the way you sell yourself in the job hunt.

Learn the importance of being remarkable and apply it!



Can you feel the RAGE?


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New Praise for Employment Rage

With just the right tone, Howard Adamsky manages to lay out the ugly panorama that is today’s job-searching environment that robs you of the hope you need to get up every day and move forward. He offers great insights from the personal to the professional, letting you in on some vital secrets rarely, if ever shared outside the hiring fraternity, with the growing job hunting population. Though painful, it clears away many expectations you might have harbored and internalized to release you from falsehoods and expectations we take as what we are owed.

With courage to tell it as it is Howard creates a recipe for right attitude, self-assessment, and courageous action necessary to sustain an out-of-work individual and most importantly get them moving forward — everyday. Perhaps most critically he reiterates that you are not the failure – the insidious cancer that paralyzes some, and spins others into a whirling dervish obsessing and fixing and tweaking everything; resume, contacts, LinkedIn profiles, and Facebook pages is wasted energy. We all know the truth about economy and how it got to this point — the external forces that have put you where you are – but railing against them steals precious energy. Say that over and again – that’s Adamsky’s contribution to all job hunters. Accept reality, bury your revenge fantasies, and “do for yourself” as Grandma Lillie used to say.

Can we say a book like this is enjoyable? I wish the topic were unnecessary but reality is harsh and expectations for immediate job offers are negligible. But Adamsky, while a realist (all too rare in those who write ‘cheerleader-type’ books) is also a positive guy – and his writing style is, if not breezy, friendly, sympathetic and well matched to his message.

Finally, he discusses the symbiotic relationship that exists among those who hire and their pressures to succeed and your need for a paycheck. This is roulette with the highest stakes. Not only self-esteem, but your mortgage, car payments, college tuition, and the drive to recapture your former life are at risk. Do not – he says clearly – expect that former life to return in full bloom. A different life – a better one waits.

And make no mistake, as he reminds us, often the best candidate, the best fit for a position – and you’re sure it’s you, will be passed over for any dozen reasons having nothing to do with you, your resume, interviewing or the color of your tie.

Much more can be said…but if you’ve gone through the canon…Parachute, Harvey McKay and even Jeff Gitomer (Who can help you sell, well, you), this tome must move to the top of your queue.

Bear this in mind as I have learned: The first job of any manager – from director to CEO is to hold on to their job. In the shark tank that is corporate America, knowing what constitutes live bait from dead fish is a necessary skill. Adamsky announces: Give value – get value. Connect in order to help a colleague, build and seduce your network (my words) pay it forward and eventually – in this game of big numbers – you will succeed.

Howard makes that clear, most vitally offers hope, and for that, we thank him.

From Rich Shadrin of Wonderful Brain http://www.wonderfulbrain.com


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Praise for Employment Rage

“Howard Adamsky’s new book is a both a passionate call to arms for a better world of work and a no-nonsense manual for the individual who is prepared to get (back) into it.

In an situation where many have either lost their jobs or been forced to see their career opportunities diminish radically, Howard comes out swinging, and for once a book on job-getting truly feels like it is on the side of the worker. Employment Ragecan evoke many feelings – anger, passion, fighting spirit – but in the end it is a book about hope and possibility. Read it, get enraged, and get working!”

Professor Alf Rehn, Chair of Management and Organization at Åbo Akademi University (Finland). www.alfrehn.com


“In the face of challenging economic times, Adamsky offers advice that is professional, practical and personal.  His insights offer hope for surviving and prospering in a new marketplace.  A must read for all engaged in the world of work.”

Kenny Moore, Author – “The CEO and the Monk: One Company’s Journey to Profit and Purpose.” http://www.kennythemonk.typepad.com/


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The Need for Speed

Employment Rage

Think that Companies move too slowly in term so hiring? So does Jason Warner. (So do I as well!)

See Jason’s brilliant ERE article entitled “Speed”

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Howard Adamsky Interview

Bill  Vick interview with Howard Adamsky, author of the new book, Employment Rage.

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Latest Employment Rage Review!

This is a dark book- dark in its reminders that Corporate America views you, the employee, as a disposable part of the operation, easily replaced by someone willing to do what you do for half the cost, thus boosting this quarter’s dividend by a hundredth of a cent. You can be let go for a thousand reasons that have nothing to do with who you are or the work you do, as millions have learned during the Great Recession. Corporate Life is ugly, petty, and brutal. The books early chapters seethe.

But just as Adamsky has you wondering why you ever want to work in Corporate America again, he begins to build you up by pulling aside the curtain and sharing with you the life of a corporate recruiter and Hiring Manager. Like everyone else, HMs are tasked with too many duties, unreasonable demands, and with little time to do things right. As a result, there are things you can do to give you an advantage.

Adamsky tells you what matters in the hiring process and what does not, revealing where to focus your energies. Surprisingly, the things that catch the eye of a HM may not be what you have been told.

The most important theme of the book is that unemployment or struggles in a job search are seldom the fault of the searcher. Mixed in with concrete advice on how to approach an interview or networking etiquette for the uninitiated is the reassurance that its not your fault if you are unemployed or your job search is slow. But unlike most self-help books, Adamsky splashes plenty of cold water in the reader’s face- but it is only so the reader can approach the job search with eyes open, focused on the landscape before him.

“Employment Rage” is an important book written and speaking to the moment, and gave me hope as I try to force open doors that are presently closed. Bravo.

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What Exactly is Employment Rage?

“Employment Rage” is the almost uncontrollable seething fury and frustration that arises in people who have been employed all of their lives and are simply unable to identify and secure the employment required to continue to lead meaningful lives due to circumstances that are often beyond their control.



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